M-160, M-160 S, M-160 R

Chain mulcher manages effecient clearing of ditches and other scrub areas. OPTIMAL chain mulcher is a type of mulcher developed for tought jobs. The mulcher is floating upwards which allows adjustment to the ground. OPTIMAL chain mulcher is equipped with high quality chains and recommended for tought jobs with for example stones compared to similar machines equipped wit knives or hammers. Optimal chain mulcher can be both, front or rear mounted with 540 rpm up to 1000 rpm. Exposed parts on the cutting head are from HARDOX® steel.The chain-mulcher have a heavy-duty well dimensioned gearbox.

The following (joonis 1) shows M-160 chain mulcher part details (1-7):

1. Heavy-duty well dimensioned gearbox;
2. Automatic transport lock;
3. M-160 can be front or rear mounted;
4. Driving protection;
5. Large distance between 3-point and tilt joint;
6. Heavy-duty attachment for chains;
7. Exposed parts (skies, slanted walls) in cutting head from HARDOX® steel.





M-160 M-160 R M-160 S
Working width (cm) 160 160 160
Belts (pcs) 4 + 4 4 + 4 4
Chain diameter (mm) 10 / 13 10 / 13 10 / 13
Tractor weight (kg) > 4000 > 4000 > 4000
PTO (RPM) (p/min) 540 / 1000 540 / 1000 540 / 1000
Weight (kg) 800 800 530


The Chain mulcher is equipped with a 10 and 13 mm high quality chain as standard. For the cutting the grass areas is possible to mount the knife set with the knife holder and knifes from HARDOX® steel.

icon-arrow-circle-right PTO shaft (Waltersheid) for the front mounting (694599)
 Side shift frame (code 160-100), equipped with the PTO shaft
 Knife set (knife holder, knifes 2 pcs)